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Audax Randonneurs Philippines was established in November of 2010.  It is the Audax Club Parisien-approved brevet coordinating organization for the Philippines. The group promotes randonneuring or a style of bicycle riding that requires covering long-distances over an unmarked course of challenging terrain within a generously allotted time period of almost continuous riding. Riders are not to compete against their fellow cyclists, but to compete only against their own personal best. Skills in self-sufficiency, bicycle mechanics, night-riding and endurance are all valued over ability to cycle at racing speeds or with racing strategies. 

The group organize brevet rides of 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km distances especially during the Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) year. The PBP only happens every 4 years and it is happening in August 2015! PBP is a 1200km cycling challenge from Paris to Brest and back with a cut-off time of 90 hours.

Randonneuring is perfect for those who would like to test their physical and mental endurance in this AUDAX-IOUS sport of cycling!

To know our brief history and how we are since we started in 2010, check out the Audax Randonneurs Philippines Profile (updated as of January 2016).