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about Audax Randonneurs Philippines photo by Zean Villongco

About Us

Audax Randonneurs Philippines was established in and is the Audax Club Parisien-approved brevet-coordinating organization for the Philippines. The group promotes randonneuring, a non-competitive, time-limited, long-distance cycling event. Riders are not to compete against their fellow cyclists, but to compete only against their own personal best. Skills in self-sufficiency, bicycle mechanics, night-riding, and endurance are more valued over speeds or racing strategies.

The group organizes brevets (the term used for a randonneuring event) of 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km distances, especially during the Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) season which happens only every 4 years. The PBP is a 1,200km cycling challenge from Paris to Brest and back, with a cut-off time of 90 hours, and is regarded as the most prestigious brevet in the world, staged and governed by the Audax Club Parisien. Being the Audax Club Parisien-approved brevet-coordinating organization for the Philippines, Audax Randonneurs Philippines thus holds the qualifying rides for PBP in the country.

As of , the group has already organized 33 audax rides in the Philippines since . From our humble beginnings where our rides had only 7 cyclists, we have grown to accommodate more than 300 participants in our events, and all of this done with zero marketing effort!

With our advocacy of promoting cycling for active lifestyle and as a form of ecotourism, our events have attracted both competitive and recreational cyclists alike from different age groups and walks of life. Our events have likewise fostered and nurtured friendships as our group promotes mutual respect among all cyclists, whatever their riding background and preferred bike of use may be.