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Audax Rides for Season 2018

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Rizal 200km
Subic 200km and 300km
Rizal 200km
Subic 200km and 300km
Subic 200km, 300km and 400km
Subic 200km and 600km
The 1st Race Across America Qualifying Race in Southeast Asia
Davao 200km and 300km
General Santos 200km

Audax Rides for Season 2019

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Subic 200km and 300km

Everyone is expected to have read through the Audax Philippines website to know the details and to fully understand the nature of our rides.

Dates and Venues are subject to change unless registration has opened for that particular Audax ride. In other words, if registration is already open, the ride is a GO!


Comprising 1,200km of long-distance cycling, Paris–Brest–Paris (PBP) – sometimes referred to as the Blue Riband randonnée – is the most pretigious brevet ride in the world. Held on an out-and-back course between Paris and Brest every four years, PBP started in 1891 as a race and was regarded as the precursor to the Tour de France. In 1931, riders in the PBP were separated into three categories: a professional category of cyclists who were in it for the competition, and two non-professional categories, one of which were audax cyclists riding as a group and maintaining a steady pace, and the other being allure libre (free-paced) cyclists who were riding individually in the spirit of self-sufficiency. As interest in long distance cycling had waned in favor of stage events like the Tour de France, the professional race part of the PBP was lost in 1951, leaving only the randonneuring part of the event. However, in 1975 the audax and the allure libre groups split up and formed two different PBP events. Today, the Audax Club Parisien runs the event every four years in their allure libre format, while the Union des Audax runs it every five years in their audax format.

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